How to open a locked suitcase

How to Open a Locked Suitcase Without a Key

If you need to remember the combination of a lock or lost the key to your suitcase or luggage, there are a few tips that you can apply to try opening your suitcase. However, it would be best if you had the key to your luggage and spread it quickly. Remember that these methods are intended for your possessions, and do not apply this technique for unethical or without permission owner or suitcase. Here are some general suggestions for how to open a locked suitcase:

For combination lock suitcase:

If you will apply this technique for ethical application, now follow the combination lock suitcase.

Check for a Reset Button:

First, you need to check some combination locks and have a small reset button to press with a pen or paperclip. It is located near the dials, and you now need to press and hold it while setting a new combination.

Try Common Combinations:

However, if you do not remember the combination, it best applies to try common varieties, and those are 000, 123, or 999. Some people keep setting their combinations to easily memorable numbers.

Contact the Manufacturer:

After a hard-to-try but not open, you should contact the lock manufacturer. They may have procedures to help you recover or reset the combination.

For Key Locks:

For Key Locks

Above all, if your suitcase has key locks, how to open a locked suitcase? You need to apply this formula.

Contact the Manufacturer:

If you have lost the key, contact the suitcase manufacturer or the lock. They can provide you with a replacement key or suggest a solution for your suitcase.

Professional Locksmith:

If you cannot contact the manufacturer or if they cannot assist you, consider seeking the help of a professional locksmith who can help you open the lock. They have the expertise to open locks without causing damage.

General Tips:

First, apply your knowledge of forgotten luggage lock combinations and suitcase lock combinations. Here is some idea for you.


When attempting to open a lock, patience is vital, and take your time and be methodical in your approach.

Document the Situation:

If your suitcases have any valuable documents, you need help opening the situation, take pictures of the lock and any identifying information. It is helpful if you ask a professional.

Avoid Force:

When you unlock your suitcase’s forgotten key, avoiding excessive force is essential, as this can damage the briefcase and its contents. Gentle, deliberate actions are more likely to yield positive results of carry-on luggage with combination lock.

Final suggestion 

In a final suggestion of how to open a locked suitcase, you must remember that these suggestions are meant for situations where you have legitimate access to the suitcase or luggage but have forgotten the combination or lost the key. If you do not own the suitcase or have the right to access its contents, it is important to respect others’ privacy.

It is also very essential to ask permission before attempting to open it. If you are still determining whether these methods do not work, consider asking for professional assistance from the manufacturer or a locksmith.

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